Wedding Table Decoration


"I know it sounds cliché, but I don’t even know how to properly explain how wonderful a job Sarah did. Her attention to detail, her incredible capability to listen, ability to execute exactly what you want, or to recommend anything if you don’t know what you want, is exactly what every couple needs during the planning of a wedding. She made this whole process completely seamless to the point I was constantly emailing her to ask if I can do anything. Of course she said no (haha!). She is a perfectionist to say the least, and you would be lucky to have her. You will not once be disappointed and you will want her by your side for every event ever you plan."

- Sara + Michael, Married December 21st, 2019

d a y  o f  c o o r d i n a t i o n 

We loved working with Sarah - she took ALL the stress off for us!!!!! And everything was PERFECT!!! I couldn't have dreamed more for my daughter. 

J A N  &  R O N  L .

i'm sarah

My favorite weddings +  events are those that aren’t afraid be different + to push boundaries, take some risks and show a good example of a party! Obstacle in my way, bring it on, it's what I live for!

I LOVE THIS CITY! There's nothing more I rather be doing than taking my dog Banshee on a long walk through our neighborhood in Arlington right outside of DC, or trying a new restaurant. Some of my favorite nights are in my apartment with a glass of sauvignon blanc, my laptop, and a good movie while I work on my couples details. It's my thing and I absolutely live for this.

Although this is my career path, it is truly my passion before anything else…

How I got here..

Sarah is the company’s owner, lead planner and designer. "I started working in events at a young age and found my way to weddings through the hospitality industry managing at a country club restaurant which was also a wedding venue. From the first time I stepped in to assist our banquet team I was hooked. Every detail of the wedding was so interesting to me. Mostly the happiness on the couples faces when they saw their vision in real life. It was one of the most rewarding experiences and I wanted to be the person to bring that happiness to other couples. That day I said goodbye to the restaurant industry and made my way into event planning + design. 

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